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Friday, June 02, 2023
Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ, and Showing Christ

From God's Word...


Lord, Help! Finding the Path of Satisfaction and Fulfillment
Psalm 107:4-9 (NIV)

     Where do you turn when you feel dissatisfied and empty in life?  To whom, or to what. do you turn to gain fulfillment in life?  Psalm 107 teaches that we need to turn to God in our times of need, because He is the One who can really help us, and He is the One who satisfies our needs and brings fulfillment.

I. The Realization …. I need help. We experience overwhelming situations vs. 4-5 (notice not just personal, they)

1. We have times when we wander restlessly.  vs. 4 

2. We have times when we can’t seem to find the road forward.  vs. 4 (at an impasse)

3. We have times when peace and security eludes us. vs. 4

4. We have hungers to be more, or do more, or to have new opportunities.  vs. 5

5. We have thirsts to know God better, experience God more fully, see God intervene in our lives. vs. 5 Thirst.

6. We have times when we feel like our soul is overwhelmed or fainting. vs. 5

II.   The Request … Call on God. Vs. 6

When we are disoriented, at an impasse, restless, hungry or thirsty for God, or feel overwhelmed:

1.      Then … When? Then? When call upon God? When … disoriented, at an impasse, restless, hungry or thirsty for God, or feel overwhelmed

2.      Turn to the one who can help.   LORD vs. 6  they cried “Lord, Help”

3.      Cry to God out of your trouble. Trouble doesn’t prevent God from hearing, and doesn’t prevent God from coming to your aid.  

4.      Out of their trouble. Word trouble can be translated:

·         Enemy or adversary. So when your enemy has you surrounded, or pounded, call out to God. Lord, Help!

·         Narrow strait … a place where the choices have narrowed and you are in a jam, not even enough room to make a turn.

·         Afflictions … suffering, difficulties, things being done to you or piled on you.

·         Troubles … obstacles, blockages, impasses, conflicts, shortages, stress.

In their trouble   enemy, adversary, narrow strait- place stuck in & can’t turn around, affliction, trouble

III. The Results …God Answers and Helps. Vs. 6-7 

1.      God answers and rescues us … He delivered/rescued them out of their distresses.

·         Distress can be translated: anguish, distress, stress, straits

·         God rescued them from the anguish over the difficulties. The troubles may remain, but God helps you find a way forward despite them.

·         God rescues us out of our distresses, too.

2.      He leads us by a straight way. God comes to where we are, and leads us out on the road we are to travel with Him.

3.      The path we are to be on is straight, level, proper, righteous (right), and the correct way to deal with that issue.

4.      God leads us all the way to the safe habitation we couldn’t find without Him. They reached a city to dwell in safely

IV.   The Response … We should give God gratitude, service, and worship vs. 8-9

1.       We should worship God because of  Who He is 

·         Worship God for His consistent devotion

·         Worship God because of His Faithful Love

·         Worship God because of His miraculous assistance and activities (His works).

2.      We should serve God by gladly walking with Him

·         Walk with Him … live each day in dialogue and fellowship with God

·         Follow Him as He leads you out of distress, trauma, dire straits

·         Follow Him to the path He leads you to walk on, then walk with Him on that path. … the straight way.

·         Follow Him as He leads you into the daily peace of God’s Kingdom, a habitable city…  Into a state of living in His peace and security

·         Enjoy God and the tangible benefits of daily life with God.   

3.       The Purpose of life is to know God and enjoy Him forever.

·         Know and enjoy God’s devoted love for you

·         Know and enjoy God’s faithfulness … promised to never leave you or forsake you.

·         Know and enjoy the peace and security of God walking with you, and leading you to the path of life

·         Know and enjoy the fullness and satisfaction of God’s presence and God’s resources in your life each day. He satisfies our hungers, quenches our thirst, fills our longings with that which is good.  

4.      As we know God as we should, we discover that God fills (satisfies, satiates, fills, fulfills) the longing (to run to and fro, frantic, desiring) of our thirsty soul, and  God satisfies all our  hungers with good things (things not in text) …   overfills the hungry with that which is better, beautiful, precious, joyful, good, and best.

Conclusion: Do you know God as a constant companion, friend, provider, sustainer, peace-giver, and rescuer?   God satisfies: This is the point that every generation of believers needs to remember. We will never discover anything more satisfying than the Lord, who will meet all our needs. (cf. Nelson’s Bible Commentary)